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What is Sub-Critical Water Reaction?

When temperature and pressure are raised to 374 with 22MPa (220 air pressure), there is in such a state of neither water (in liquid condition) nor steam (in gaseous condition). This point is called a critical point of water, the upper region of which is called supercritical water. The reaction of this water is called supercritical water reaction. The lower region near this supercritical water is called Sub-Critical Water.Sub-Critical Water Reaction is utilizing the nature of water at the time of high temperature and high pressure, which makes organic molecules, starch and protein dissolve into low-molecular-weight amino acid, so that solids are converted to a liquid state. On the other hand, this reaction also makes environmental pollutants dissolve to be non-hazardous.

Sub-Critical Water possesses two abilities of dissolution and strong hydrolysis for organic substances, which is because although the dielectric constant value of normal water is around 80, but it becomes around 20 to 30 in the state of Sub-Critical Water which is near a state of methanol used for oil dissolution, so that Sub-Critical Water can obtain such a feature as dissolves oil.
Furthermore, at around 250 in the region of Sub-Critical Water, which contains very big ionic product, by which the separation ratio of a hydrogen ion and a hydroxide ion becomes bigger, so that Sub-Critical Water can obtain strong hydrolyzing ability.

Since Sub-Critical Water Reaction uses water as its solvent in stead of chemical material like organic solvent, therefore, it is possible to realize environmentally friendly and safe resource-recirculation of waste.
The treatment in our MRM is carried out by using Sub-Critical Water of 2002Mpa20 air pressure, which is the most suitable for efficiently utilizing waste.

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