Sub-Critical Water Reaction Equipment,Equipment contributing to global warming and global environment



The details of MRM equipment;

  1. MRM is future type of Sub-Critical Water Reaction equipment treating by steam at high pressure and high temperature after placing flammable waste in a cooker (pressure container).
  2. No dioxin or nitrous oxide is generated in this equipment, which is because no burning process is installed. Also this treatment is carried out in sealed condition, so that bad smell is not generated. Therefore MRM is good for the measures of global warming and removal of environmental problems.
  3. Treatment finished products are kept in germ-free state and dioxin residue levels and heavy metal are below the value of Safety Standards stipulated by Japanese regulation.

Contributable to global warming and global environment.

This equipment enables the reuse of all flammable waste; not only general wastes, but also organic sludge, expanded polystyrene, shredder dust, vinyl sheet for agricultural use, until incineration ash.

shredder dust-------------------general wastes------------------organic------------opolystyrene

All materials can be converted into compost, animal food and soil-improving agent.

Treatment plant
Attached Air-Shooter (separately estimated)

Inlet Valve
Inspection Hole for the inside of Cooker
Drive Unit for Mixer

Operation and Control Panel
Outlet Valve

English version pamphlet.

English version pamphlet.
Please download it from this place.

Detailed explanatory about M recycling machine will be prepared in the languages of Japanese, Chinese, English and Korean.

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